Food Thoughts 1

I’m intending to post some recipes here. I have so many in my head, I’m not sure where to begin. So much for the recipes for now.

I will, however, make a comment that in nearly 10 years in Byron Bay, I’ve yet to find a restaurant that is awesome, reasonably priced, has good service and is somewhere that gives me mouth-watering thoughts when I plan on going there. Pity.

Yes, a few restaurants here have won awards, but as a general lower-carb eater with European tastes, the chili and corriander that pervade so much of what is offered, along with the carb stodge, leaves me searching the menus with a magnifying glass.

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Animas Insulin Pump

I've had an Animas Insulin Pump since June 2009. I absolutely love my pump and I love the wonderful people at Animas (AMSL Australia).

If you are even remotely thinking of getting an insulin pump, please feel free to contact me and ask me why I love mine and what a huge difference it's made to my life.

There are also lots of posts here to give you similar information.