The Awesome DOC

The DOC (Diabetes Online Community) is truly awesome!

In a grumble moment last night, just before midnight, I posted this on Facebook to my DOC group of Facebook friends:

Insulin pumps suck when you have one Inset left and the order department said 5-10 days!! Wow, was overnight delivery in NSW. Not so in Qld! Yeah, I know… my fault for crappy finances at this time and having to leave the ordering so late.

And I went back to watching TV, with my trusty MacBook Pro by my side. The status update was just that, with no other intention. Within moments, comments were flying about from all over the place. Scott Johnson in the USA then put out a call to other DOC people on Facebook to see if anyone in Australia could get some insets to me. I never expected that! It never entered my head to ask for help! Scott, you are one incredible human being! Thank you!

The response was jaw-droppingly awesome! I could barely keep up with the comments, chat messages, comments on my wall, comments on Scott’s call-out, and all sorts of people coming into the mix, who I didn’t know before. I had offers of help from all over the world! People from overseas who knew someone in Australia; people in Australia, who I didn’t know, who knew someone close by; two new FB groups for Aussies with Type 1 (which I didn’t know existed); and new people with ‘friend’ requests. My head was spinning! I was humbled.

At one stage, in one of several private messages I received, someone suggested I contact Insulin for Life (IFL), not knowing I have been a volunteer with IFL since 2003. IFL doesn’t collect pump supplies in Australia, but the President, who I’ve known since we were in our early teens, has a very large network. Unfortunately, I’m 2-4 days post away.

Within a very short time, I was FB-chatting with a lovely lady from Melbourne, whose daughter is on a pump. Someone she knows is coming to an airport near me today, but was then driving 2 hours in the opposite direction. It would have meant a half hour night-drive to the airport, which is a problem for me (my eyes aren’t great for night-driving). Then it turns out the place this person is going is where an overseas visitor, currently staying with me, is visiting until Thursday… in the same suburb! Couldn’t believe the coincidence! This was going to be do-able!

To have a world-wide network of people involved with this, so willing to help, is truly amazing! Not only have I learned so much from the DOC in the last few years, been involved in some fantastic events, been able to contribute to others when they have a problem, been able ask questions when I needed advice, I have also made some wonderful Internet friends in this community.

There is so much that can stay unspoken yet totally understood between people who have the same condition, that it feels very familiar being in that kind of community. It’s no wonder that the word ‘familiar’ comes from the word ‘family’.

The problem I originally posted about, ended up being solved in a completely unexpected way. A non-DOC friend, who lives an hour-and-a-half away (where I used to live until last December), and who saw some of the comments posted on my wall (not the original status update which was directed at my DOC group only), called me this morning. After several backwards and forwards calls, he’s coming my way tomorrow, with 2 insets belonging to a friend of a friend. That should see me through nicely until my order arrives.

If it wasn’t for the DOC, and initially, Scott’s quick thinking and total understanding of the situation, none of this would have happened. I can rest easy now and forget about figuring out what doses I should be on if I had to go back to injections waiting for my order.

But I’m sitting at my desk, still thinking ‘wow’ about the completely unexpected response from the world-wide DOC.

DOC you rock!


Animas Insulin Pump

I've had an Animas Insulin Pump since June 2009. I absolutely love my pump and I love the wonderful people at Animas (AMSL Australia).

If you are even remotely thinking of getting an insulin pump, please feel free to contact me and ask me why I love mine and what a huge difference it's made to my life.

There are also lots of posts here to give you similar information.