Aussie LADA Support Group on Facebook

I’ve finally done it! A friend and I have stared an Aussie LADA support group and we’ve launched today!

After being a member of a USA-based LADA group for years, I kept seeing a need for a group based in Australia – one with a slightly holistic approach as well. No, there’ll be no cinnamon or okra cures, thanks! This is about keeping all of you healthy. Diabetes is a whole-body disease and isolating it from the rest you isn’t necessarily a good thing.

We have the intention of focusing on lower carb eating, stress management strategies, and general health and wellbeing. Rachel, the other admin, is the expert in meditation, yoga and Ayurvedic traditions. I dabble, although I’ve been a meditator since the 1970s. About a year ago, I switched to Mindfulness or Vipassana Meditation and have found endless benefits.  I’ve had years of diabetes and know how to get my A1C around 6%. But it’s not just about  a bunch of numbers on a blood glucose meter. If you’re not living well, none of that matters. Your mind and body need to be healthy and feel good too. 

If you or anyone you know could benefit from joining us, please pass on the link. It’s not just for people with LADA, although that’s our focus along with the lower carb approach. 

Here’s our invitation.

Are you an Australian with LADA? We would like to invite you to join us in a new Facebook LADA group specifically for Aussies. The group will focus on a body-mind approach to staying healthy with LADA through diet, best practice insulin management, meditation, yoga and other holistic therapies to keep the whole you as healthy as possible. We will focus on lower carb eating, management strategies that work, and we’ll talk about resources specific to Australia.

Wherever you are in your journey, come join us at Aussie LADA. We’re here to understand, discuss and encourage!

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Low Carb Down Under Aus/NZ Tour November 2014 with Jimmy Moore

A must-see series of Low Carb events is being held in Australia this month! With speakers like USA’s low carb guru Jimmy Moore from Livin’ La Vida Low Carb fame, these events promise to be awesome, informative and life-changing if you take the challenge of going low carb! 

Keto Clarity - Jimmy MooreJimmy Moore’s weight loss and his n=1 experiments, along with hundreds of  interviews with experts in the field, have spawned several best-selling books – Keto Clarity, being his latest. His books and blog are here.

Want to be healthier? Would you like to lose weight? Do you have diabetes and want to keep your blood glucose more stable? Want to understand more about the role a low carb/ketogenic way of eating can play in your life and how it can keep you in optimum health?

All this and more!

The opportunity to see Jimmy Moore in person made me jump at the chance. Bought a ticket about 5 seconds after I first heard. Many of you know that I’ve been promoting a low carb diet. I’ve particularly encouraged you if your diabetes isn’t under good control, but low carb can play a very healthy role in much more than just diabetes. 

The organisers include doctors of medicine, who strongly believe in this way of life. What better validation?

The movement away from sugar and isolated fructose, reducing carbs, and ditching gluten-grains (in fact, preferably all grains) has been gaining momentum since I started on low carb many years ago. I’m absolutely delighted to see the progress made in recent years, particularly the favourable research into low carb and ketogenic diets, and the number of people switching to this way of life.

Eating real food is good for you! Simple, easy to prepare, no ingredients you can’t pronounce, just real food that nourishes you and keeps you healthy. 

Come along!

Information about the Australia-wide events below with links to further information on the Low Carb Down Under website.

If anyone’s going to the Gold Coast event, let me know (use the contact page)? I’ll be there! 

(Event details reproduced here with the permission of Dr Rod Tayler from Low Carb Down Under.)

Melbourne: Saturday 15th November   Details here

Hobart: Sunday 16th November   Details here

Launceston: Monday 17th November   Details here

Byron Bay: Wednesday 19th November   Details here

Gold Coast: Thursday 20th November   Details here

Brisbane: Saturday 22nd November   Details here

Adelaide: Tuesday 25th November   Details here

Perth: Thursday 27th November   Details here

Sydney: Saturday 29th November   Details here

**New Zealand – Auckland: Thursday 13th November** Details here 

Jimmy Moore talks to LCDU about the Nov. 2014 Tour

Here’s an update from Jimmy Moore, who can’t wait to meet you and answer your questions at an LCDU event near you.

Jimmy asked if you could post questions in advance on the LCDU Facebook page.


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I have no idea where I’ve been for the last 8 months. Well, I do know but I also know that the older I get, the faster time flies, and the more I seem to do Groundhog Day. Somehow, this blog seems to have been my last priority lately. Or maybe my first priority has had to be work. My second priority is to think about going off on a few tangents in this blog, most notably, some posts about more healthy living. 

There’s really not much new in the world of my Type 1 Diabetes. Now and then I learn a new tidbit, which I will share with you in due course. What seems to have taken my interest is overall health, which goes a long way to helping the diabetes stay in better control. 

Today, I wanted to share with you one of my forays into the world of alternate, healthy things. It’s something little talked about but should be – deodorant.

Commercial deodorants generally have some very questionable ingredients. Many years ago, a doctor told me to stop using deodorants with aluminium. Who me? The deodorant-challenged sweat ball? I don’t think so. 

Fast forward 20 years, a bunch of research, a desire to live in a healthier environment and to keep eating real food.

The deodorant solution? Make your own! This is good stuff. It works. I’ve been using it for more than 8 months. It costs cents to make and you know exactly what’s in it. This is the recipe I use. I urge you to try it! 

Natural Deodorant
Yields 1
A deodorant that is natural, no aluminium, easy and cheap to make, and works!
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
2 min
Total Time
12 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
2 min
Total Time
12 min
  1. 6 tablespoons coconut oil
  2. 4 tablespoons baking soda
  3. 2 tablespoons arrowroot powder/tapioca starch
  4. 2 tablespoons cornflour/cornstarch (gluten free if possible)
  5. Several Drops of Essential Oil: Lavender or Lemon, or any other you like. Please make sure that any fragrance you use is food-grade, organic if possible and as natural as possible.
  1. If your coconut oil is solid, then in a small pot measure and melt on very low heat. Otherwise place a small glass bowl.
  2. Mix in rest of ingredients.
  3. Pour a small glass jar.
  1. Use a pea sized piece under both arms (more doesn't mean better).
  2. This recipe will melt in summer - depending on where you live. Keep a small spatula handy and remix when melted.
  3. When solid, scoop some into your palm and warm by rubbing between both hands.
  4. Some have said it's best not to use right after shaving (wait half an hour or so), but it's never bothered me.
  5. If you find that the baking soda doesn't agree with you then change the ratios between baking soda, arrowroot and cornflour/cornstarch.
  6. Remember, this isn't an antiperspirant, it's a deodorant. Let dry before you put clothing on. You can seal with a bit of cornflour/cornstarch.

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Animas Insulin Pump

I've had an Animas Insulin Pump since June 2009. I absolutely love my pump and I love the wonderful people at Animas (AMSL Australia).

If you are even remotely thinking of getting an insulin pump, please feel free to contact me and ask me why I love mine and what a huge difference it's made to my life.

There are also lots of posts here to give you similar information.